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Veer Bal Divas 2023

Till a few years back not much was known about Veer Bal Diwas which will fall on 26th Dec’23 each year as announced recently. This was the subject discussed with those who had gathered today at Bringing Smiles to receive, and many others, mostly volunteers and well-wishers, part of the team who were there to make our differently abled guests comfortable.
Veer Bal Diwas was celebrated at Bringing Smiles today differently. It was a day when young children were brought out of a world without sound to faint buzzes for now; perhaps deciphering sound or language may be another milestone. As a start, they were happy to get sound devices with volume control to a world of sound.

Besides these, there were children who sat in wheelchairs for the first time though some were slumped with damaged spines due to a cruel twist of fate.
And then the adults: Smiling and Happy! This was one day they did not mind the attention, today they got positive attention and not just clucks of disapproval or pity! They were happy to receive support by way of wheelchairs or tricycles or tricycles fitted with vending baskets as well as packaged goods to vend.

Another highlight of the day was the beaming Smile of Ms Meenakshi who received a laptop for the first time in her life, opening up opportunities she had been dreaming of while sitting in her wheelchair.

The welcome our guests received was literally heartwarming with tea and samosas on the cold winter morning. As if this was not enough, once stationed in their mobility seats, very soon they received a good quantity of dry rations, probably enough to last the family a month. And just as they were ready to leave came another surprise: neatly labelled clothes for each beneficiary with names.
In all there were :

A) 10 (9 men + 1 Female) for tricycles with vending carts and starter kits

B) 05 for tricycles

C) 12 (02 children + 3 Women + 7 Men for wheelchairs)

D) 02 (One Child & One Adult) for hearing aids

E) One laptop for a very deserving Ms. Meenakshi

We are particularly grateful to The Usha Joshi Memorial Trust which has provided us with sponsorship of 6 tricycles.

A philanthropist friend Mr. RK Mariwala from Mumbai who has sponsored tricycles along-with the entire starter kits for those who are embarking on vending.

The Bakhshi Jagmohan Singh Charity Trust which has helped us in the past too and this time sponsored tricycle with vending materials.

At Bringing Smiles today, it was a happy day for all who had worked hard at preparation and raised funds for a noble cause. It was a day of manifestation!






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