Bringing Smiles

Envisioning & Creating Dimensions; Nurturing Self Sufficiency

About Us

 We are a charitable organisation rendering voluntary help to those in dire need. We have been involved in this humanitarian cause since 2011.

Bringing Smiles, a public charitable trust led by Mr. G.R. Malhotra, has brought in its fold a group of like-minded people who share a common wish to contribute in some way to society. Mr. Malhotra and other volunteers gather information and whereabouts of those economically backward and disabled people who need assistive aids such as tricycles, wheel chairs, crutches, walkers, walking sticks, hearing aids, cell phones, etc.

In the above context, the Bringing Smiles team visits the Government Hospital regularly to identify such needy people. Bringing Smiles not only provides them with these aids but also helps them to earn a sustained living, helps with their physiotherapy, medicines, operations, etc. Many beneficiaries have truly been helped and supported by Bringing Smiles.


Bringing Smiles is a Registered Public Charitable Trust (Registration No.17875 dated 26th March 2019, PAN: AADTB7437P). Our activities basically revolve around the  disabled, underprivileged & poor and also extend to those senior citizens who have no one to care for them.

Our Objective

To ensure sustainable living for the disabled by reaching out to them in various, meaningful ways.


1.      Distribution of tricycles, wheelchairs, walkers, walking sticks, rollators, hearing aids; walking sticks for the visually impaired (attempting to switch over to Smart Sticks), and cell phones for the visually impaired. In the past year we have distributed the following:                            

  • 42 wheelchairs 
  • 5 hearing aids
  • 10 walkers
  • 15 walking sticks
  • 50 Tricycles.

2.       We also help the disabled to get artificial limbs. So far we have helped around 18 beneficiaries. We even carry them to the centre for getting the needful done.
3.      We help children with much needed physiotherapy, free of cost, in one of the best physiotherapy centres in Gurugram.
4.      We help the disabled get operations by approaching private hospitals.
5.      Our group segregates donated clothes and gives them to the families of the disabled and poor.
6.      We arrange eye/dental/ENT check-up camps for under-privileged children and their parents, where we provide not only check-ups but
         also give them eye drops, vitamins, spectacles and even arrange for surgeries if needed.
7.      We encourage people to come forward for body and organ donation.
8.      We render help to the educated disabled in getting appropriate jobs.
9.      We get the Divyang (disabled) Vendor Licenses from government bodies such as the MCG, out of turn, to save them from the harassment of unscrupulous officials. This instills confidence that they are still able to support their families. We also assist them with materials and tools to augment their livelihood. So far we have helped arrange 25 Vendor Licenses.

Our members visit the Civil Hospital every Wednesday in order to reach out to the disabled who flock there from the far flung villages of Haryana, and assist them in getting their Disability Certificates.

Contact Us

For any queries, send us an e-mail on