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Baisakhi 2024

A picture speaks more than a thousand words” goes the saying. Even more so, a video that captures a thousand smiles tells us all about this Baisakhi at Bringing Smiles. The video of smiles and gratitude from those who are suddenly empowered and have found their feet or professions sitting in a tri…

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Veer Bal Divas 2023

Till a few years back not much was known about Veer Bal Diwas which will fall on 26th Dec’23 each year as announced recently. This was the subject discussed with those who had gathered today at Bringing Smiles to receive, and many others, mostly volunteers and well-wishers, part of the team who were…

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23 September 2023 - Bringing Smile

We had a really pleasant morning in the company of 7 Divyangjan Brothers and Sisters.

We together could hand over 4 tricycles, 2 wheelchairs, Only for the need of 😭Food along with ration package, clothes, blankets for all. One lady beneficiary Sangeeta and another lady (mother of child Gautam) co…

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15 August 2023 - Independence Day

Fifteenth of August every year is usually hot and humid. Apart from the ramparts of the Red Fort, the Indian flag is hoisted in every neighbourhood.

Today it was also being celebrated in a small pocket tucked away inside Sushant Lok 1, B block. Residents of each colony,  as well as this one, were…

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Laptops for Beneficiaries

Bringing Smile handed New laptops on 20th May 2023 at 10 am for the following beneficiaries.

1. Sunita, 27 yrs, Inter Pass.
Polio in both legs, Disabilty 76%;

2. Sunil Kumar, 30 yrs, Graduate, Polio affected, 75% disability 

3 Rajkumar, 29yrs, 8th Class, Polio in both legs ie Disability…

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Summer Special 2023

Bringing Smiles: Summer special
There was warmth in the air: not just from the heat of the month of May, but from the warmth of giving and receiving; the excitement of something new and the expectations of an enabled lifestyle. It was a bunch of ladies of Sushant Lok I, led by Mrs Vibha Khanna, who…

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Baisakhi 2023

On the eve of Baisakhi(12 April 2023), the spread was wide. This was no lavish or wasteful party spread of food but it was a spread of smiles. Yes, Bringing Smiles had spread itself to include more awareness and more support to the differently abled. As in the past twelve years or more, and particul…

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Republic Day 2023

Republic Day’23

While the Nation witnessed a grand Republic Day Parade we witnessed a smaller parade of wheelchairs, tricycles, special wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, walking sticks and foldable stools in a tiny corner of Sushant Lok 1 in upscale Gurgaon.

Yes, today the 26th of January 202…

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International Day for Disabled - 3 Dec 2022

Bringing Smiles 3rd December.

International Day for the Disabled!

There was an air of a Carnival today, the 3rd December 2022, at Bringing Smiles.

In the run up to this day too, there was frantic activity for a month preceding the event and all focus being on sending back smiles with those …

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Independence Day means a lot to all of us and this Independence Day was even more awaited being our 75th. There are many however, who have not tasted freedom of the ordinary kind: freedom to move freely or work with an able set of hands and legs. 

At Bringing Smiles our celebration was with thos…

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Baisakhi Carnival and Bringing Smiles

Baisakhi heralds the harvest season and is marked by fun and celebrations.

Team Bringing Smiles organised a carnival for those who did not experience new beginnings before. Shiny yellow tricycles, wheelchairs, leaf spring boarded heavy duty crutches, Smart sensors embedded Vision Impaired stick, …

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Another Day - Spreading Smile

No waiting time for Bringing Smiles ! 

Whether it is the International Day for PwD’s or just another Sunday in February, BS spreads smiles to those who may have lost their smiles years ago. 

This Sunday Feb 13th 2022 we were blessed to hand over: 

1.    A Tricycle to Raj Kumar who lost…

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Support from BNI Sanskruti Group

Good Morning Friends.

Dt: 7th February'22

An able person and yet differently abled ? That is how person with vision debility may be classified. A sad reality that while being physically fit and active they are not able to achieve their potential what most of us take as our birthright .

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International Disability Day

It’s not a date you would find marked on most people's is the “International Disability Day” and, unlike the other hyped "Days", is not even noticed or known to many.

At Bringing Smiles, however, it is the most important day of the year. This Friday, December the 3rd, was a…

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Independence Day - 2021

Colours of Independance 

Our hearts were swelling with pride, the colours of Indepedance were visible everywhere, on street corners, at the traffic lights, in public parks and from the ramparts of the Red Fort. 

In a small park in Gurgaon , this Independence was more profound !! Bright Yello…

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Avinash - Class X results

Class X results were awaited with more baited breath this year as compared to every other  year for reasons known to all . 

Avinash too was one of the contenders. He has cleared class X with 60 % marks and is happy beyond measure . Avinash  has Cerebral Palsy and attempting to be normal is not …

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Mr and Mrs Sannu marriage dream of daughter "Kanchan"

All parents dream to marry their children with respect and celebrations. Mr & Mrs Sannu too had these aspirations  for their daughter Kanchan. However, there is  a difference; Sannu was a cobbler but,  unfortunately,  is now  visually challenged. Whatever he could earn earlier is impossible now . …

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Upendra - An Entrepreneur

This is Upendra . He is 43 years old . Looks like a normal person enjoying a cup of tea, but look closely and you will see he has no legs . Fate dealt him a big blow in 2001 when both his legs were amputated in a railway accident . He doesn't have his parents either to look after him. There are huma…

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BRINGING SMILES gets IT exemption for donations under Sec-80G

Our journey of the last 12 years has been extremely gratifying more than anything else . The need to do our tiny bit for those who are differently abled has been God enabled. We thank our Volunteers, Donors and Well Wishers for their commitment and support. To add to our continued endeavours and mak…

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Master ISHAL, 4 yrs polio affected, mentally retarded came with parents to give an opportunity to BRINGING SMILES to offer some help. Alongwith pediatrics wheelchair, diapers, a coushin, box of eatables, blanket, and set of clothes for all were handed over. BRINGING SMILES offered our free service o…

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