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Republic Day 2023

Republic Day’23

While the Nation witnessed a grand Republic Day Parade we witnessed a smaller parade of wheelchairs, tricycles, special wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, walking sticks and foldable stools in a tiny corner of Sushant Lok 1 in upscale Gurgaon.

Yes, today the 26th of January 2023 at Bringing Smiles was a day of liberation for Ishan, Deepika, Krishna, Lakshya, Faiz, Sheetal, Arti, Nishant, Mohit, Ravi Kumar, Parmanand, Mohit, Arya and another half a dozen recipients.  The cold weather did not dampen their smiles and the warmth they exuded on receiving their own tool of movement that they had been wanting to make them capable and self-reliant. While we take our limbs for granted, we cannot imagine the pain some have to suffer as they have been denied an able set of limbs by a cruel twist of fate. Pictures of individual recipients tell the story of the change they anticipate.

The cold weather also warranted blankets and rations for the families who have been braving such persons amongst them. 

An early morning cup of tea brewed with the right amount of masalas and a welcome breakfast was all that we could do to set the stage for the day.

Bringing Smiles on the faces of the differently abled has obviously been our mission, and we are grateful to our participants and donors for helping us achieve the same.


International Day for Disabled - 3 Dec 2022

Bringing Smiles 3rd December.

International Day for the Disabled!

There was an air of a Carnival today, the 3rd December 2022, at Bringing Smiles.

In the run up to this day too, there was frantic activity for a month preceding the event and all focus being on sending back smiles with those who were our guests, waiting to be enabled to lead better lives.

There were the tricycles, the wheelchairs, the paediatric wheelchairs, the hand cart and cell phones for the visually impaired. The tricycles had been ordered, assembled and given a roof, painted a shiny and bright yellow and finally each bore a nameplate of the beneficiary. Cell phones needed to be wrapped and the hand cart given a festive look and laden with stationery and packaged items for potential sale outside a school gate. The cell phones were waiting to be claimed by young men of the Janata Rehabilitation Centre for the blind which Bringing Smiles has been patronising for the past so many years.  Most of these young men are in various stages of their education, from high school to post graduation. The smart phones are aimed at improving lifestyles, assisting in education  and bringing a sense of relief to those who, by a stroke of fate, were not endowed with normal limbs or sight.

This morning then, forty beneficiaries came with their respective assistants, usually a member of their immediate family. Most of them left independently and without assistance. Each was served breakfast on arrival. And they left with bags of clothes, woollen wear, blankets and ration for at least a month.
Many of our donors were present in good numbers and helped make the event a huge success. They witnessed first-hand how faces lit up on receiving modes of liberation and all wowed to continue on this path of creating self-sufficiency. 

Each beneficiary had a story and after listening to them there was a sense of gratification all around as on the ground reality hit most and all  pledged to do whatever each  could do to enable, empower, assist and facilitate those whose lives  could be touched  and brought smiles in their lives. 

Bringing Smiles thanks all our Volunteers and contributors and pledges to Bringing even more Smiles.!!





Independence Day means a lot to all of us and this Independence Day was even more awaited being our 75th. There are many however, who have not tasted freedom of the ordinary kind: freedom to move freely or work with an able set of hands and legs. 

At Bringing Smiles our celebration was with those who came with aspirations of a better tomorrow and freedom to be self-dependant. 

As always rows of gleaming yellow tricycles were waiting for 8 claimants and they climbed into their private domains oblivious of their struggles. 

6 Wheelchair beneficiaries too were delighted.

Akanksha, in Class 12 came with her mother and father and was given a rollator and a hand stick. She was happy to let go of her mother’s hand and walk on her own.

Dilip Mondal, a tailor by profession, enthusiastically received his electric operated, pedestal mounted Umbrella model of USHA Sewing Machine.

Ranjit & Mukesh got their new carts along with weighing balance and Sun umbrella for vending fruits & vegetables.

Sukhvinder from Sec-29 was given materials matching his business needs with ice box and aerated drink bottles, chocolates, candies, namkeen satchel etc

Volunteers had come from several supportive organizations like The Inner Wheel Club, DLF City Sr Citizen Council, Bakhshi Jagmohan Singh Charitable Trust, Golden Lioness Club of Patel Nagar & Jayh Foundation

Dry rations for each beneficiary added to assist them sustain for a few days while the new empowerment tools could start working and let them live lives of dignity. Some washed and ironed clothes too were given to one and all.

Some 75 Colonies children of working labour class were given a chargeable helicopter along with chocolates to celebrate Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Bringing Smiles added new hope this Independence Day to the differently abled.


Baisakhi Carnival and Bringing Smiles

Baisakhi heralds the harvest season and is marked by fun and celebrations.

Team Bringing Smiles organised a carnival for those who did not experience new beginnings before. Shiny yellow tricycles, wheelchairs, leaf spring boarded heavy duty crutches, Smart sensors embedded Vision Impaired stick, Walker, a brand-new fruit Cart along with weighing Balance, were lined up waiting for new owners and new beginnings.

Bittu Pandey did a small jig and a "" Balle Balle "" as he was hoisted on to his own tricycle ending years of discomfort and lack of mobility.

Rohit Singh loved his new pair of crutches which were light and contemporary though he would not let go of his old wooden one which had stood by him for many years! But of course, ^Upgrade* was in order.

Lalit was thrilled in his new wheelchair though he could not express his emotions clearly. The mentally and physically challenged child was overwhelmed and proud. His devoted parents carried him the last mile to a waiting auto to start a new chapter with their son who could now move without their strong and willing shoulders.

Vinod Kumar from Sohna became the proud owner of a fruit cart to start a new life vending fruit. His added joy was to see a fully loaded cart with apples and bananas and papayas and melons and grapes and he made a quick sale with the volunteers and well-wishers of our Team. A first-time entrepreneur, the future looked bright for him as seasonal fruit is everyone's delight and need.

All beneficiaries got new clothes and rations. Hot Samosas, biscuits and chai were quickly devoured even in the hot weather.

The carnival of Bringing Smiles continues with the support of our donors and well-wishers!


Another Day - Spreading Smile

No waiting time for Bringing Smiles ! 

Whether it is the International Day for PwD’s or just another Sunday in February, BS spreads smiles to those who may have lost their smiles years ago. 

This Sunday Feb 13th 2022 we were blessed to hand over: 

1.    A Tricycle to Raj Kumar who lost the power in both his limbs and has been unable to lead a normal life.

2.    A Wheel Chair to young & educated Raja Kumar Goswami who suddenly developed a neuro problem and was paralyzed waist downwards a year ago. He was well employed when this catastrophe fell on him. His new mobility will help in putting him somewhat back on track.

3.    A walking stick to his father, who had probably aged much  before his years, looking at  his son's plight.

4.  A smartphone to Kamala Sunar, girls from NAB for Women, Delhi  Her life will surely feel more connected now in the contemporary smartphone times. 

We once again take this opportunity to thank our donors and well-wishers !!

Support from BNI Sanskruti Group

Good Morning Friends.

Dt: 7th February'22

An able person and yet differently abled ? That is how person with vision debility may be classified. A sad reality that while being physically fit and active they are not able to achieve their potential what most of us take as our birthright .

Times are changing: Smartphones for the vision impaired are bringing new hope in their lives .

Bringing Smiles Team supported by the BNI Sanskruti Group, today handed over 18 smart phones to the vision impaired and set off a mission for NAB in Hauz Khas, New Delhi. 18 Vision Impaired of NAB will now have a new dimension in their Lives.

Mrs. Nitasha Kachru, the gracious head of the institute appreciated BRINGING SMILES for this initiative .

Bringing Smiles Heartily thanks all our Donors for fulfilling our mission of empowering Vision Impaired in NCR.


International Disability Day

It’s not a date you would find marked on most people's is the “International Disability Day” and, unlike the other hyped "Days", is not even noticed or known to many.

At Bringing Smiles, however, it is the most important day of the year. This Friday, December the 3rd, was awaited eagerly by all of us to try and Bring Smiles to the lives of those differently abled persons whom we could touch upon. Those who could be lifted from dependence to Independence, from a life of gloom to brightness and from immobility to mobility.

Several of these persons gathered this cold and wet December morning and took back a little hope and Sunshine with them.

Sh. Bodh Raj Sikri ji, Our Chief Guest for the occasion handed over Desktop video magnifier with OCR, Sewing machine, and cheques for computer training and spoke kind words to encourage them to look for little rays of hope from henceforth and bring Smiles into their lives.

Today’s beneficiaries were our guests and after a light breakfast were given Tricycles, WheelchairsSmart phones, a Electric driven Sewing Machine, Blankets, Thermal innerwear, Dry items for setting up a tea stall including pans and a gas burner etc and Little carpets to sit on without always having to experience cold and unclean floors.

We had fifty differently abled guests; men, women and children, return home to face life and its challenges with a new beginning and support.

  •  Eight little children, who should have ideally been running around and playing in parks, received paediatric wheelchairs.
  •  12 visually impaired Boys from a rehabilitation Centre School for Blind Gurugram and 3 Girls from NAB for Women, Delhi received smart phones specially designed for them.
  • 18 Adults with dysfunctional limbs received our signature yellow tricycles fitted with a roof to protect them from the extreme weather conditions and a rear-view mirror for security. Slogans painted on these vehicles are to create awareness and encouragement for them and others. Look at the young lad Umesh who came on all fours but left with dignity on his tricycle as did the other recipients like Bandhu Ram, Rakesh Kr, Sanjay Paswan, Aasha Ram, Ajit, Uma Dutt, , and a dozen more. Ram Yattan, Naresh Kumar Chauhan, Ashok Jain, Vijay Paswan, Sunil Kukreti, Sonu (Woman) and Gopal and Umesh have been living with their disabilities in Delhi and all were happy to see some relief in their difficult lives on receiving the tricycles here in Gurgaon. Prashant is the proud recipient of a tricycle along with some materials for vending tea and snacks.
  • Three Ladies: Sonu (Delhi), Bela Rani with Tricycle, Hamida with wheelchair and Ajit were given crutches / walkers bringing some Independence to their day-to-day activities.
  • One sophisticated Desktop Video Magnifier with OCR (costing 2.5L) specifically meant for 5% vision impaired children was handed to the Rehab Centre, which was very kindly donated by Member of Bringing Smiles.
  • One electric driven sewing machine for commercial use was provided to Sh. Sunil Kumar with one leg amputee

This year we found new support for our cause by many individuals and others like BNI Group of Gurugram, Lava International, Lusso Hub etc with some gadgets & materials. Shiv Nadar School along with their Sshakt Foundation helped with monetary support.


Independence Day - 2021

Colours of Independance 

Our hearts were swelling with pride, the colours of Indepedance were visible everywhere, on street corners, at the traffic lights, in public parks and from the ramparts of the Red Fort. 

In a small park in Gurgaon , this Independence was more profound !! Bright Yellow Tricycles could be seen lined up. The new owners were tasting their first taste of Independence from a life marred by disability.

Bringing Smiles brought smiles to the faces of Arvind, Avinash, Vivek, Jagdeep Singh, Samey Singh and Vinod Kumar  who have been given a new lease of life to travel, earn and enjoy life's little pleasures without the baggage of unsupportove limbs , a given for most of humanity. 

Besides the tricycles, the younger ones Pooja & Vivek received wheelchairs. They were suddenly lifted from the arms of supportive parents and well wishers into their own space, in which they could only grow. 

Avinash, a young differently abled boy, studying in Class X was given a tablet to help in his studies. He has shown acumen in handling electronic gadgets and we expect him to make a career in this field.

Rations and clothes for the families of differently abled persons was another bright ray and  helping hand on this Independance Day .

We pray to God to keep Bringing Smiles to those who need them most.

Team Bringing Smiles 
15th August 2021



Avinash - Class X results

Class X results were awaited with more baited breath this year as compared to every other  year for reasons known to all . 

Avinash too was one of the contenders. He has cleared class X with 60 % marks and is happy beyond measure . Avinash  has Cerebral Palsy and attempting to be normal is not easy . Even some Dailies covered this achiement to highlight how disability did not come in the way of his achievement. 

Bringing Smiles was happy to help Avinash get a new wheelchair and has also promised him a tricycle come this Independance Day . 

We wish Avinash the best for his upcoming Class XII and we do hope he will touch greater levels of formal education in years to come ! 

Team Bringing Smiles


Mr and Mrs Sannu marriage dream of daughter "Kanchan"

All parents dream to marry their children with respect and celebrations. Mr & Mrs Sannu too had these aspirations  for their daughter Kanchan. However, there is  a difference; Sannu was a cobbler but,  unfortunately,  is now  visually challenged. Whatever he could earn earlier is impossible now . 

Bringing  Smiles took it upon themselves to help him in his aspirations for his daughter's Wedding. 

Like any contemporary bride, she was given a Wedding gown, gifts like clothes, utensils, all kitchen essentials, bedsheets, blankets and so on to start a new life and home. As Kanchan had learnt tailoring, she was gifted a Sewing Machine to make her self reliant. 

We are confident that Kanchan, together with her husband, will have a great start to their new life together.

Yes, Sannu need not have worries on account of his being handicap for this task at least !

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