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Upendra - An Entrepreneur

This is Upendra . He is 43 years old . Looks like a normal person enjoying a cup of tea, but look closely and you will see he has no legs . Fate dealt him a big blow in 2001 when both his legs were amputated in a railway accident . He doesn't have his parents either to look after him. There are human beings who care of course, and he has found some refuge with a gentleman Ram Udgar Sharma, but Upendra is left to begging to cover his survival expenses. 

Bringing Smiles is happy to provide Upendra some support . He has been handed over a tricycle this morning, with a GI box and packaged items to start him off on the road to self reliance  by turning into a small entrepreneur. For his comfort he has been provided clothes and bedsheets etc. We shall also follow up with him and keep a check on his entrepreneurial efforts and if required augment his supplies  later in the year.  

We thank all our donors and well wishers in helping us in our efforts to bring some change in the lives of those less privileged.

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