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Republic Day 2023

Republic Day’23

While the Nation witnessed a grand Republic Day Parade we witnessed a smaller parade of wheelchairs, tricycles, special wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, walking sticks and foldable stools in a tiny corner of Sushant Lok 1 in upscale Gurgaon.

Yes, today the 26th of January 2023 at Bringing Smiles was a day of liberation for Ishan, Deepika, Krishna, Lakshya, Faiz, Sheetal, Arti, Nishant, Mohit, Ravi Kumar, Parmanand, Mohit, Arya and another half a dozen recipients.  The cold weather did not dampen their smiles and the warmth they exuded on receiving their own tool of movement that they had been wanting to make them capable and self-reliant. While we take our limbs for granted, we cannot imagine the pain some have to suffer as they have been denied an able set of limbs by a cruel twist of fate. Pictures of individual recipients tell the story of the change they anticipate.

The cold weather also warranted blankets and rations for the families who have been braving such persons amongst them. 

An early morning cup of tea brewed with the right amount of masalas and a welcome breakfast was all that we could do to set the stage for the day.

Bringing Smiles on the faces of the differently abled has obviously been our mission, and we are grateful to our participants and donors for helping us achieve the same.


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