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Mr and Mrs Sannu marriage dream of daughter "Kanchan"

All parents dream to marry their children with respect and celebrations. Mr & Mrs Sannu too had these aspirations  for their daughter Kanchan. However, there is  a difference; Sannu was a cobbler but,  unfortunately,  is now  visually challenged. Whatever he could earn earlier is impossible now . 

Bringing  Smiles took it upon themselves to help him in his aspirations for his daughter's Wedding. 

Like any contemporary bride, she was given a Wedding gown, gifts like clothes, utensils, all kitchen essentials, bedsheets, blankets and so on to start a new life and home. As Kanchan had learnt tailoring, she was gifted a Sewing Machine to make her self reliant. 

We are confident that Kanchan, together with her husband, will have a great start to their new life together.

Yes, Sannu need not have worries on account of his being handicap for this task at least !

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