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Baisakhi week special

It was an unusually hot April morning, but the weather  did not deter those who are committed to easing the life of a few who have bigger lifelong problems to think about. Yes, it was the Bringing Smiles family which had planned this day for weeks. They had been working tirelessly to collect funds to benefit at least 25 disabled persons, some as young as eight years old, and some almost 50 years but striving to make ends meet. 13 tricycles, mostly with GI boxes and roofs, 5 Wheelchairs, Crutches for 2 persons, as well as several starter kits for those who are starting vending or have already been vending at street corners and market places. The starter kits included packaged items like biscuits, chocolates, jars of toffees, chips and crackers and even masks.  

To add to the joy and to further motivate the Bringing Smiles team, State Commissioner for People with Disabilities, Haryana, Mr Raj Kumar Makkad, gave a genuine and detailed understanding of how to improve the lot of persons we called “disabled” but are in fact just differently abled either accidentally or otherwise. They are not meant to be ridiculed or mistreated but given their rightful place in Society and we must put in place all necessary infrastructure to ensure they lead a dignified existence without having to ask for help. Anyone who mistreats them not only goes against God’s beings,  but is also likely to attract penury action. Mr Makkad himself was tirelessly working for the cause of disability having already closely covered 16 out of 22 districts in a little over three months for disability.

The Bringing Smiles Team is thankful to all the volunteers and those in public life who made this Baisakhi week special and worth looking back at, for many,  as life changing indeed.

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