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15 August 2023 - Independence Day

Fifteenth of August every year is usually hot and humid. Apart from the ramparts of the Red Fort, the Indian flag is hoisted in every neighbourhood.

Today it was also being celebrated in a small pocket tucked away inside Sushant Lok 1, B block. Residents of each colony,  as well as this one, were seen sitting under the hot sun fanning themselves and wiping away sweat. Just a few feet away outside the park, and under the shade of huge trees, mostly Amaltas, another kind of celebration was going on. And there was no sweat here, only Warmth and a Feeling of Independence. 

At least 12 persons (differently abled) were Celebrating quietly. Bringing Smiles is proud to have touched their Lives on this day and Gateful to our contributors for enabling us to enable them Lead Better Lives.

Today, 7 tricycles, 3 wheelchairs and 2 sets of crutches were handed over. As always, dry rations and clothes for each of them were part of their takeaways. A hearty breakfast, and jeera paani on this hot and humid day was also welcomed by all.

The highlight of today’s tricycles was the SS basket which was placed behind at least two Tricycles to help in storage and easy dispensing for vendors.

Bringing Smiles thanks each one of you who was here to cheer and contribute and spread the word !

Team Bringing Smiles

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