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Summer Special 2023

Bringing Smiles: Summer special
There was warmth in the air: not just from the heat of the month of May, but from the warmth of giving and receiving; the excitement of something new and the expectations of an enabled lifestyle. It was a bunch of ladies of Sushant Lok I, led by Mrs Vibha Khanna, who had got together to help some differently abled persons enjoy a new innings. And our special thanks to members of the spiritual group of Ridgewood Park led by Mr AN Bhatt ji. There was a total of 7 wheelchairs for children and ladies, thoughtfully provided with bottle holders, water being an essential need in this scorching sun; and 3 tricycles for the men sans working limbs,who need their own commute to live a dignified life.

But the fun was in the details. Women were provided costume jewellery and moisturisers and foot creams. Surely, this was a first for most of our beneficiaries. We do realise that there is more to feeling good than what is overtly visible. And all of them went back with a sense of gratitude with rations and blankets (keeping in mind the expected severe winter at the end of each year).

The gratitude was felt more by Team Bringing Smiles, to be able to contribute whatever little we can in bringing smiles to the less fortunate.
As always warmth was shared over hot samosas and cold thandai and Britannia cakes as a treat.

Thank you all for supporting the cause of Bringing Smiles and helping us continue our journey. Its been a journey of shared dismay and hope these last twelve years. We hope to continue till we bring smiles and wipe the tears of those whom we can reach.

Team Bringing Smiles



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