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International Day for Disabled - 3 Dec 2022

Bringing Smiles 3rd December.

International Day for the Disabled!

There was an air of a Carnival today, the 3rd December 2022, at Bringing Smiles.

In the run up to this day too, there was frantic activity for a month preceding the event and all focus being on sending back smiles with those who were our guests, waiting to be enabled to lead better lives.

There were the tricycles, the wheelchairs, the paediatric wheelchairs, the hand cart and cell phones for the visually impaired. The tricycles had been ordered, assembled and given a roof, painted a shiny and bright yellow and finally each bore a nameplate of the beneficiary. Cell phones needed to be wrapped and the hand cart given a festive look and laden with stationery and packaged items for potential sale outside a school gate. The cell phones were waiting to be claimed by young men of the Janata Rehabilitation Centre for the blind which Bringing Smiles has been patronising for the past so many years.  Most of these young men are in various stages of their education, from high school to post graduation. The smart phones are aimed at improving lifestyles, assisting in education  and bringing a sense of relief to those who, by a stroke of fate, were not endowed with normal limbs or sight.

This morning then, forty beneficiaries came with their respective assistants, usually a member of their immediate family. Most of them left independently and without assistance. Each was served breakfast on arrival. And they left with bags of clothes, woollen wear, blankets and ration for at least a month.
Many of our donors were present in good numbers and helped make the event a huge success. They witnessed first-hand how faces lit up on receiving modes of liberation and all wowed to continue on this path of creating self-sufficiency. 

Each beneficiary had a story and after listening to them there was a sense of gratification all around as on the ground reality hit most and all  pledged to do whatever each  could do to enable, empower, assist and facilitate those whose lives  could be touched  and brought smiles in their lives. 

Bringing Smiles thanks all our Volunteers and contributors and pledges to Bringing even more Smiles.!!




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