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Baisakhi 2024

A picture speaks more than a thousand words” goes the saying. Even more so, a video that captures a thousand smiles tells us all about this Baisakhi at Bringing Smiles. The video of smiles and gratitude from those who are suddenly empowered and have found their feet or professions sitting in a tricycle or perhaps sitting on the ground and repairing and upcycling what we all think are no more handy gadgets. And Lakshmi, which connotes wealth to most of us, is a young lady who is all smiles as she mounts on to her tricycle as if she has found Freedom!

This Baisakhi Bringing Smiles has empowered those who most needed that little push or tool to set them on the road to self-sufficiency. Indeed, Bringing Smiles gave them that little nudge where they already had dreams! Because no one can do for you what you can do for yourself. So next time you help a person in need of that little nudge remember they are waiting for it! Come let us look for more such dreams in the differently abled and help them realise their Dreams!

Come And Be A Part Of BRINGING SMILES !!

For those who wish to know more, we distributed: Tricycles, Wheelchairs (Adults, Medium & Paediatric), Vending Baskets (attached to baskets), Floating boards (for a person with lower limbs lost), Old Electrical gadgets, Materials for vending (for their sustenance in Life), along with Rations and clothes for the feel good factor


Our thanks to all Our Contributors and Believers who made “Baisakhi” a day of Gratitude


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